Is there a dispute center?


CityCop is a community and each member's reports and updates are subject to three levels of validation:

  1. They must comply with CityCop's Terms of Use.
  2. They may be reported as abuse by other users and moderated by CityCop's algorithms.
  3. CityCop may manually delete abusive reports.

If you consider that a crime report is not justified, the first thing you can do is report is as abuse.  If other users think the same, that report will eventually be filtered by CityCop's algorithms.

If you are the only one to perceive a crime report as not justified, you can resort to our dispute center through providing the following details:

  • Your CityCop username
  • Date and time of the report
  • Location of the report (street, city and country)
  • Description of the report
  • Reason for your request to the dispute center

Processing of requests at the dispute center is manual and may take several days.  We remind you that resolutions at the dispute center may result in temporary or definitive banning or user accounts, which may include the user who made the report or yourself if your request lacks justification or is intended to attack CityCop users that comply with the Terms of Use in good manner.


If on the other hand, you have doubts about what information is visible to other users in a crime you have reported, visit this article in our Helpdesk.

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